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Company Info

Founded September 2005
President Yoshiaki Hisaeda
Office Japan
2-17-2, Sasaoka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 810-0034
TEL: +81 92 531-6377

Hong Kong
Level 3A, Causeway Corner, 18 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

TEL: +852-3656-7765
Web Siet http://www.hisaedaconsulting.com

Consulting experience

The following is the main accomplishment related to constructing HR systems (career path system, performance rating system, treatment system, educational training system).
We have also done many other dispatched trainings.


Manufacturer Kitchen manufacturer, road facility manufacturer, manufacturer of train cart interior, manufacturer of ship related materials, plastic molding manufacturer, Styrofoam manufacturer, food manufacturer, food ingredient manufacturer
Construction Construction companies (3 companies)
Service Japanese branch of foreign containers, restaurant franchise, drugstore franchise, financial holding company, restaurant franchise, bus company, information service company, ceremonial companies, Kimono whole seller, editing production company, composition inspection company, resort hotel, pachinko hall, judicial scrivener, cleaning and reform franchise, sports service, facility maintenance
IT・System System development subsidiary company for large car manufacturer, internet related companies (3 companies), system development companies (2 companies), system consulting companies, Package software development company
Public service Private university, office workers, private hospital, the third sector, K city, H town, M city, M city, K city, Council of Social Welfare, Prefectural university
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