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Frequently asked questions

Consulting company that specializes in organization and HR? …It may be a bit difficult to understand.

We organized some questions that are frequently asked by our customers. Please feel free to contact us for anything that is unclear.

About our principle and business

There are various types of consulting companies. What area of consulting do you specialize?

HISAEDA CONSULTING is a consulting firm that solves the organization and HR problems of small to medium sized enterprises, medical organization, and governmental organizations.

What kind of principle do you base your business on?

The principle of HISAEDA CONSULTING is to have the objective viewpoint for the ideas and vision of the manager and reflect it to the organization for tomorrow instead of making the system and rule for the customers for today.

From inquiry to contract signing

If we have you come to our company, does it cost from the beginning?

No. We will not charge you any fees until the contract is closed.

First, we will visit your organization and have a simple hearing.
After the hearing, we will submit our proposal (content of support, image of result, duration and expense). If you consent with the proposal, we will close the contract.

How do we pay the fee?

The payment method is decided in the contract. Generally, fee is divided into a few payments.

For example, if we want to renew the Performance rating system and wage system, how much would it cost?

It is difficult to answer because the production requirement differs depending on the number of employees (number of staff), occupational category, and number of office due to the number and types of performance rating sheet and wage table.
If you could contact us with specifics, we can give you an estimate.

How to proceed with the consulting

What styles of consulting are there?

There are mainly 2 types; one is project type and the other is advisor type.

How do you proceed with project type consulting?

consulting, we will make a project team with the member from your company and our consultants, and have periodical meetings. In the meeting, we will bring the material that is the basic of the meeting. Our consultant will be the project manager and proceed with the project.

How would we select the member for the project type?

It is case by case.

It varies from top of the management such as CEO, department heads, HR personnel, successors, young leaders, to executives. We will consult you about the member selection prior to the project.

How do you proceed with the advisor type?

In advisor type consulting, you (head of the management, for example) is the project reader and prepare the base material for meetings and manage the progress of the project. Our consultant will join the meeting.

Is the fee different for project type and advisor type?

Project type requires more production requirements for the operation in-house, so the fee is higher than the advisor type.

I have heard that some consulting companies bring different consultant in charge of the project than the one who proposed. Does it happen?


At our company, the consultant who visit you first and make proposal will be responsible for consulting you.

What kind of consultant would be in charge?

Consultants with more than 10 years of consulting experience will be in charge.

What is the reason for the existence of organization and HR consultant?

The reason for hiring an organization and HR consultant is different for each company. However, we believe that there are generally two types; specialty and objectivity.

Companies request specialty for the knowledge and experience of the consultant who visit various organizations every day.
However, half of the reason for requesting the service is for objectivity.
It is especially true in organization and HR consultant when compared to consultants in other fields.

The final decisions of the individual managerial positions and wage are determined by the company or executive management. However, it is effective to get objective advice from a specialist outside of the company on fair operation after the implementation, content of the system and process of system construction, and wage simulation.

After contract is close, what would you do first to start the consulting?

First, we will conduct the current situation survey.

We will have hearings with a few to dozens of your management team, people in charge, and executive members. We will interview each people for a certain amount of time and talk about the current problems and other issues. We will also bring back the current process and data to analyze. After that, we will hypothesize the optimal situation.

What kind of support can you provide other than current situation survey and meetings?

If the management team does not participate in the meeting, we will hold periodical reporting sessions. Also, we will conduct explanatory meeting for employees and surveys to have them understand the new system.

Our company is in a special industry. Would it be okay?

If your company is not in the general industry, we will do an extensive hearing about the ideas of top management on business, organization and employment as well as your industry and business model. We will also educate ourselves about your industry.

Do you do follow ups after the consulting?

We will contact you periodically after the consulting is done and provide some advice after hearing your situation.

On Training

I see that you are a consulting firm. Can I request you to do trainings only?

Of course!
We can provide you as little as one training.

Can we have meeting prior to the training?

Of course!
Even for one training session, the lecturer who will be in charge of your training will visit you to hear about your training needs, your organization, and HR system before examine the program.

What kinds of training do you provide?

For HR training, we provide "Performance evaluator training", "training for people to be evaluated", "interview training", and "training for management by objectives".
For each class, we provide "training for new employees", "training for new management", and "management training".
For human skill training, we provide "communication training" and "presentation training".
For conceptual training, we provide "training for logical thinking" and "problem solving training".
We provide other selected type "management training" including accounting and composition of business plan.

Do you have a set time for trainings?

These is not set time for trainings. We can do it as short as 1 hour.
We will hear about your needs and have meeting about the schedules and time as well as the lecture and how to proceed.

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