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Training for management by objectives


A leader clearly defined the direction of the herd.
Photo: Galyna Andrushko

Goal setting and management by objectives in organization; Understand the basic of management by objectives = management

They will learn about "management concept", "basic process of management by objectives" and "what are good goals" as well as its concept and developmental method by actually writing their goals.

We can solve these problems;

  • The management principles and policies are not penetrated to the employees.
  • Employees cannot set their goals.
  • They mix up the management by objectives and quota management.
  • The rate of goal accomplishment is high even though the performance of the company is low.

The aims of training for management by objectives

Understand the basic idea that management by objectives is management activity.
Learn the goal formation method of analyzing the environment surrounding the department, include the ideas as the leader, and match the vector and the members' goals.
Understand the method of specific goal setting, standard for review, and achievement evaluation standard.
Lean the questioning skill for employee training and motivating employee as well as the process of developmental interview.

Curriculum Example

Through our experience and achievements, we produced participatory program which you learn through actions and think through theory learning, case studies, self-evaluation, mutual sharing, and presentation.

Time Training item Main content of training
9:30 - 9:40 Orientation Verify the objective and process of today’s training.
9:40 - 10:30 What is management by objectives
Significance of management by objectives
Objective of management by objectives
Link between objective management and performance evaluation

Understand the objective and meaning of management by objectives.

Understand that management by objectives is a management system.
10:30 - 11:00 Self-analysis of management behavior
Individual study
Review their own management behavior and understand the essential of workplace management and role of the leader.
11:00 - 14:00 Draw up a management concept
Management concept and management by objectives
Draw up a management concept
Environment analysis, goal of the organization and missions of the department / Presentation
Learn the method of organizing various information (environment analysis), including the idea as the leader, and structuring the assignment and goals.
14:00 - 15:00 Fill in the objective management sheet
What is a good goal setting
Writing method of specific goals
Points of review for goals
Evaluate the accomplishment of goal
Study the writing method of goal, and point of review for goals written by the member by using the actual examples.
15:00 - 16:40 How to proceed with training interview
Discussion to build trusting relationship between a boss and employees
Video viewing
How to proceed with training interview
Role play practice
Lean the points of discussion for building trusting relationships and grasp the point of improvement by experience the interview role play.
16:40 - 17:00 Conclusion of the training Review the training for today, and summarize the practice points as an evaluator or administrator.
Questions and answers.

*Breaks are given appropriately based on the judgment to the lecturer.
*This training lets the participants learn the basic concept of management by objectives and acquire specific method that can be applied as a management tool for the organization. This is a participatory program where they can understand the goal setting and point of review by practice and group discussion.

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