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Do we need a director of HR in our company?


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If there are more employees, someone who manages human resources is necessary. However, is a director of HR really necessary for small to medium sized enterprises? The director of HR will not do performance rating of the employee or determine their wages. Instead of paying a high yearly wage, why not leave it to the specialist outside of the company?
We can help you with the operation and planning of faire HR.

We will comprehensively support the yearly HR process and aim for the higher level.


  • Draft the hiring plan
  • Clarify the requirement for the personnel
  • Composition of interview manual
  • Attend the interview

Career path

  • Review the rank requirement
  • Review the standard for promotion and demotion
  • Compose the promotion exam

Performance rating

  • Review the performance rating sheet
  • Support the evaluation procedure
  • Attend the evaluation adjustment and decision
  • Review the set goals
  • Compose the interview manual
  • Attend the interviews
  • Construct the performance rating system
  • Compose the  work rules
  • Compose the operation manual

Wage and bonus

  • Review the base wage table
  • Review the allowances
  • Support the procedure to reflect performance rating
  • Examine the source of wage revision and simulation
  • Review and submission of wage regulations
  • Examine the source of bonus and simulation


  • Review the education system
  • Examine the welfare system
  • Compose the operation manual

and others...